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It is vital that businesses keep records of processes that they use to meet their compliance obligations. This needs to be managed in a consistent and systematic way…

Risk Assesment

Assessment of risk is an ongoing part of managing health and safety in your work place. Eastman Lynch can provided formal Risk Assessments for items of plant and equipment…

Safety Inspections and Audits

We have enormous experience in conducting safety inspections and safety audits in a wide range of work environments and workplace settings.

Subscription Program

Compliance is not a ‘one off’ achievement that you ‘set and forget’. Rather it must be incorporated into the ongoing processes of your organisation.

Who We Are


Eastman Lynch is an occupational health and safety consulting firm that specialises in advising and supporting businesses comply with their legal obligations.

We service clients throughout Australia and are experienced across a broad range of industries.  Our clients range from small single site operations to larger multi-location organisations. Our services include developing business specific health and safety management systems to conducting site safety inspections and risk assessments.

“Eastman Lynch is a unique Health and Safety company that is committed to practical solutions in meeting your occupational health and safety compliance requirements”.

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