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Eastman Lynch commenced operation in 2004 providing health and safety consultancy advice and developing safety documentation for businesses.

From there, our service has expanded rapidly to provide services across a broad range of areas of health and safety. We also provide Management Systems that integrate quality and environmental requirements as required.

Our clients range from sole operators up to medium sized businesses with multi location operations. The industries we service include manufacturing, hospitality, education settings, retirement living, civil construction, agriculture, construction, warehousing and distribution, retail, transport.

Meet the Team


Dale Eastman

Dale has 30 years of experience in operating businesses and understands the pressures that are placed on small business to meet the many compliance requirements including health and safety.

His special interest is on developing processes to ensure business owners are able to meet their compliance requirements without impacting negatively on the other areas of their operation.

Catherine Creek

Catherine has strengthened the administrative capabilities of Eastman Lynch through her high level organisational and time management skills. She also has provided a friendly and helpful point of contact for existing and new clients.

Catherine has excellent skills in conducting safety audits across a range of businesses and has a practical approach to developing risk controls. She also works on preparing documentation for clients based on their requirements.

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