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Compliance is not a ‘one off’ achievement that you ‘set and forget’. Rather it must be incorporated into the ongoing processes of your organisation.  To effectively do this, most businesses require outside expertise and assistance and then ongoing monitoring and support to ensure compliance is maintained. This provides peace of mind that you have the information available to meet your compliance requirements.

Eastman Lynch offers a flexible ongoing support program that provides a range of services to businesses to assist and monitor their compliance. The level of service is tailored to the needs of your business. Access to information provided through this service is through a log in. This program includes:

  • Safety inspections and reports
  • Business Safety Compliance Rating measurement based on an assessment of the workplace and work processes as well as documentary compliance
  • Phone advice and ongoing support on issues that relate to the health and safety of your business
  • Weekly updates on health and safety topics, incidents and current health and safety issues
  • Quarterly newsletter to look at health and safety issues in more detail
  • Updates from Workcover Authorities on changes to regulations and legislation
  • DVD library

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